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The Village of the Trees

In Stock, Paperback & Hardcover, released April 2017

28 pages, 6" x 9"

For children ages 4-7+ yrs



"A modern-day parable about kindness and community...Lau includes a subtle undercurrent about the importance of nurturing a broad sense of community through collaboration, compassion, and the sharing of resources."  -Publishers Weekly

Summary: Roo is a busy and hardworking treehouse builder. After a tragic accident that leaves Roo and her village without homes, Roo sets off on an uncertain journey to find a place where they can live. In this simple picture book narrative, readers come alongside Roo as she finds the determination and initiative to make things right again. The Village of the Trees is a story of restoration and rescue in a way that one might least expect.

More Details:

  • Read-aloud book

  • Explores themes of welcoming, hospitality, community, sharing, economic development



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