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In Solidarity

In Solidarity

A Letter for Our Readers on #BlackOutTuesday

As stated in our mission, we are committed to bringing awareness to the societal inequities to develop socially conscious minds. With one story at a time, we hope to expose readers to different cultures and perspectives to compel them to offer themselves and simple gifts of kindness every day. We remain committed to this mission, especially for times like this.

George Floyd's death has re-ignited a nationwide upheaval. Tragedies like this bring to the forefront the centuries-old, deep-seeded disease that is called racism. Meanwhile, the coronavirus crisis further exposes the fundamentally flawed systems and the persistent inequality that plague our society. In the United States, it makes already vulnerable populations more susceptible to the systemic damage it wreaks. Wildberry Ink kneels in solidarity with the Black community, against racism and the killing of Black people.

Our picture book Winter Melon Story takes place in Minneapolis-St. Paul, the Twin Cities of Minnesota. Though fictional, the story recounts my grandmother's special winter melon soup. My family immigrated to the Twin Cities in the 60s - it's where my maternal grandmother first arrived in this country and helped establish my great grandfather's Chinese restaurant business. It's where my parents first met and started our family. The tragedy and epicenter in Minneapolis, from which this recent surge of protests have begun, really hits home. While I have my own personal experiences that are valid, I am still in a position of relative privilege; I cannot even begin to fathom the pain and fear that Black people have faced every single day. Let their voices be heard. Listen to their struggle. May justice be served.

Monday, June 1, 2020, San Francisco City Hall - People gather for a kneel-in demonstration in honor of George Floyd and other victims of police brutality.

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