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Our Newest Team Members!

Wildberry Ink would like to introduce you to our newest team members and book creators, Sarah Jaewon Lee & Sae Kim! We're currently working together on a new picture book where kids and adults can have a little bit of fun while learning Korean! We can't wait to share more details early 2020!

Sarah Jaewon Lee - Author

While having dinner with friends and family one evening, a friend jokingly asked her if she could write books for Asian-American children like his daughter. Just then, Sarah knew she wanted to join the small but growing number of Asian-American authors, while also using her experience in early childhood and linguistics research. Sarah's books will be the result of her lifelong nerdiness combined with her silly personality. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Linguistics with a minor in Consumer Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania. Sarah’s study of language extended to the realms of cognitive science, education, and marketing. She most recently worked at the Bay Area Discovery Museum in Sausalito, California and served on the board of Next Generation Scholars. She currently resides in Nashville, Tennessee while she pursues her PhD in Education at Vanderbilt University. Her family still lives in her childhood home in Marin County, California.

Sae Kim - Illustrator

Sae Kim was born in Korea. She had always dreamt of becoming an artist in the United States. After graduating from high school, she pursued her dreams and moved to the United States, studying character animation. Since graduating and launching her career in the visual effects industry, she has returned to Seoul to continue pursuing her love for the arts. When she’s not working, she illustrates by using the strengths of animation. She also enjoys some cake, especially fruit cake. Friends endearingly nicknamed her "Bonobono the Sae Otter," after a curious sea otter anime character who has her likeness. Check out her work at She holds a Bachelor of Character Animation at California Institute of the Arts and currently works at a visual effects company in Seoul, South Korea.

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