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Gobbles: Troubles with Turkeys

For children ages 4-7+ yrs

36 pages, 8.5" x 11"

Available at Amazon | Barnes & Noble Online | Green Apple Books - Clement St., SF | Wildberry Ink Book Shop

In this light-hearted and silly picture book, a young boy named Jordan discovers that two wild turkeys follow his every step to school. Jordan is rightfully annoyed by the unrelenting gobbling, as he already has a lot on his mind. He attempts to lose and tolerate them, but then begins to understand this pair of turkeys in a different way, helping him overcome his day's troubles.

Background - Jordan worries about wearing his new glasses to school and about his big recital that evening. This story not only represents the challenges that children may face during their day, but also explores how this child begins to see a hard time as a way to take courage.

More Details:

  • Read-aloud book

  • Explores resilience, conquering fears, facing uncertainty, confidence, stage fright, and adapting to change e.g. wearing glasses to school

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