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Picture Book Spotlight: A Life Without Santi

For the month of November, Wildberry Ink will feature a series on picture books written and published from around the world. These picture books were curated for a collection from bookstores in the country that they were written, illustrated, and published. From this series, we hope to help grow a greater appreciation by sharing stories of various perspectives told in our global community.

​​This spotlight features Life without Santi, a picture book published in Mexico City, Mexico, written in Spanish by Andrea Maturana and illustrated by Francisco Javier Olea. It's a heartfelt story about friendship. Two best friends Maia and Santi do everything together.

One day, Santi's dad tells both of them that Santi will go to school in a place very far away. Time passes quickly, and before they know it, Santi moves, leaving behind a hand-made globe for Maia to remember him. Maia feels the emptiness from missing her dear friend.

But as time passes, Maia finds new friends, hobbies/loves. When Santi returns, will she still have space for him? You can read and see more about this book here.

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