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Winter Melon Story

Winter melon soup can really be eaten all year round, but in light of the Fall season and last week's Chinese Mid-Autumn festival, I thought it'd be a great time to revisit my book Winter Melon Story. Winter Melon Story was written in loving memory of Poh Poh (maternal grandmother in Chinese) tending to her garden of winter melons. Photo of me here is taken just before Winter Melon Story's release in Dec 2015. Here, I hold the cutest and most perfectly round mini winter melon given to me by my friend Lynn. She had bought it at one of the farmer's markets here in San Francisco.

Over ten years ago, this photo was taken in Illinois with a winter melon Poh Poh gave my family from her garden after a visit to her home.

Here, Poh Poh stands proudly with her four winter melons harvested from her garden in Saint Paul, Minnesota. With hard work and patience, she grew winter melons that weighed forty and probably fifty pounds and more.

Stay tuned for a winter melon soup recipe!

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