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Day 10 #CreateEveryday

Rediscovered in the 1800s, the archaeological sophistication of the Nabatean ancient civilization, from the first century, captivates hundreds of thousands of tourists each year. This city had become one of the most central locations, controlling trade routes in the region. Petra, also referred to as the "Rose City," of sandstone rock that formed millions of years ago, is pinkish orange. Because of the metals that would separate during its formation, it formed a range of layered colors like purple, red, black or yellow. Nabateans settled in the sandstone of Petra and carved into the rock, creating caverns, tombs, monasteries, and homes for themselves. While sandstone generally resists weathering, the integrity of Petra is compromised due to the high traffic tourism each year, a contributing factor to increased rock erosion. To learn more, UNESCO provides comprehensive summaries and photo galleries of Petra.

Media: watercolor and salt

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