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GOBBLES one year ago

Before I even knew that I would publish GOBBLES: Troubles with Turkeys, it first grew into a physical form when I developed a fun prototype, as mentioned in my blog post Book In-the-Making. On a whim, to help bring together a story and my ideas for a prototype, I experimented with Blurb, which offers an easy and free application for users to plop images and write text to create a book. With simple templates and text blocks, a user can drag and drop to format and personalize. Other online applications, including My Publisher and iBooks, provide similar features and functions. After deciding the digital form is ready for print, a user can finalize it and purchase a print copy. By trying these types of digital book art tools (as each of them have different cost, limitations, perks), a user can create picture books, a special memory album, recipe book, and other endless options. I encourage anyone to make time to let the imaginative self run wild to design and share the creativity with someone.

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