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GOBBLES | In-the-Making

The writing for this story began one year ago.

May 2014 - I created a fun written and illustrated prototype of GOBBLES

Sept 2014 - Commander Charlee: In Search of a Space Crew launched, and I decided to continue working on GOBBLES and release it Spring 2015.

Nov 2014 - Revised GOBBLES manuscript. I asked for feedback and critique from writers and friends. I imagined GOBBLES characters... Jordan and his two wild turkey side-kicks were born. :)

January -March 2015 - Finalized the manuscript. I also finalized some of my favorite sketches into watercolor. I started on scenes in the book I was certain would remain in the final version.

For all illustrations, I used ink to outline, followed by watercolor painting. After getting the images digitally scanned, I rendered the images in Adobe Photoshop, and prepared them for the final print formats.

March-April 2015 - During this two month period, I fixed errors and issues. This critical timeframe involved fellow writers and excited readers - Jeff, Kendra, Kate, Ilene, & James -to spot-check, provide additional feedback, and review my work. And thanks to all for the continuous support, encouragement, and prayers...not only for the creation of this book, but in lifting me up, and caring for my soul.

May 4 2015 - GOBBLES is released! Hardcover to be released end of this month. Stay tuned!

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