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A New Chapter: From Business Consulting to Children's Books!

With big smiles, I'm excited to launch my website and first book! Along with my job in business consulting in Fall 2013, I took a class instructed by Shirin Yim Bridges, children's book author and founder of Goosebottom Books. In this class, I wrote my first manuscript of Commander Charlee. And since April of this year, I could not keep myself from focusing full-time on launching this picture book and the beginnings of my writing adventure.

How did Commander Charlee come about?

The story was inspired by a young, curious, energetic and confident three-year old child named "Charlee." Charlee's family had to move away from the city, and I decided that last day before they moved that I would write a story from her point of view.

Having been a part of community development programs over the course of two years in the Tenderloin with my husband, we quickly learned that this was truly what we believed as the heart of San Francisco. Serving with the non-profit City Impact and a community development program, we spent time with residents, our neighbors, who over time, as we got to know them, became our close friends and family. In December 2013, the building went for sale and was purchased by a company, which initiated a number of changes in the building. Though safety of the building being one of the major positive changes, the community was no longer permitted to host the open weekly community outreaches in the office space nor host bi-weekly barbecues in the parking lot. This sweet season came to an end, and we were sad to "move" too like Charlee. And even with the move, our friends there will always be with us wherever we go.

Experiencing this season spurred on my love for telling stories about life's fruits which I hope all Wildberry Ink readers can taste through my book Commander Charlee: love for our diverse communities, discovery in imagination, and appreciating others and family.

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