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Commander Charlee: In Search of a Space Crew

Paperback & Hardcover, 2nd Edition released December 2015

36 pages, 8.5" x 8.5"

For children ages 4-7+ yrs






Charlee and her family need to move out of their city and home. In order to escape the move, Charlee decides to move to outer space instead. She goes on a quest to find the right space crew to escape with her. Will Charlee find a crew and will she make it to space?


Background: Charlee and her family will move from their home, a place that is historically one of the most crime-ridden corners in the Tenderloin District. The story of Commander Charlee represents the tension that families face between staying and leaving the existing communities that embrace unique individuals.


More Details:

  • Read-aloud book

  • Explores topics about life transitions e.g. moving, making friends, community building, self-awareness, achieving goals, the heart vs outward appearances





Click on the icon to download a PDF toolkit activity sheets, developed to align with specific Common Core writing standards for children K-3. These materials may be adapted based on the child's learning needs.

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