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Nancy Liu

Nancy is an expert in healthy thoughts, actions, and feelings. She teaches at a school called UC Berkeley. She is a big kid at heart who loves turning interesting emotion research into stories that come to life where they matter the most--at home! She loves to read, voraciously, and would swallow books whole if she could. She enjoys drawing and painting, especially when they involve her nephews, Ethan & Lucas. She is often scribbling down thoughts and you can always find in her pocket a notebook and fine-tip pen.


Nancy received her Ph.D. in clinical psychology in 2012. She has been a consultant with the World Health Organization and is a former Fulbright Scholar. She is currently an Assistant Clinical professor at UC Berkeley and Director of the UC Berkeley Psychology Clinic & Center for Assessment where she trains others how to be effective clinicians for children and adults. Managing emotions can be hard but they don't have to be! Her love of stories comes from wanting to share in a wider way with children and parents how to effectively manage emotions, specifically through the skills of Label, Link, and Luminate.

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