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Winter Melon Story

Dear Friends, I'd like to introduce to you Wildberry Ink's newest picture book that is now on sale today, Winter Melon Story. Two friends Sammy and Davey spend the summer days with Sammy’s grandma, Poh Poh. They visit Poh Poh’s garden every day, eager to pick the winter melon and help Poh Poh make her special winter melon soup. When the melon is nearly ripe for harvest, Sammy follows her own plans, where both children discover one of Poh Poh’s most important ingredients for winter melon soup.

For more details and information about the book, visit Paperback is currently available on Amazon, while hardback is available for pre-order from Wildberry Ink's book shop and soon to be available next week at Barnes and Noble's online store. Gift and share our newest picture book this holiday season, a read exploring life's fruit of love, patience...and winter melon. :)

Thanks so much for all your love and support! Enjoy and Happy Reading! Cheers, -Naomi Founder & Chief Storyteller

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